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Boldly Preparing for the Promising Future

“Knowledge equals profit.” 74th Rule of Acquisition I’ve been fascinated with the future since I was a kid. I grew up watching reruns of “Star Trek” with my dad, as well as “Star Wars,” “Back to the Future,” and “Logan’s...

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With Target Date Funds, Simple Isn’t Always Easy – On The Investor

When it comes to 401k accounts, target date funds (TDF) have seen massive adoption in the past ten years. Over 70% of 401k plans on the market offer some form of TDF and 60% of people in their 20s use...

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Tame The Bear Market Will Tank

The Stock Market Will Tank. And That Is OK!

It is true. The stock market will tank. It isn’t a matter of IF but WHEN and HOW MANY times in your lifetime. The sooner you can accept this and not be surprised by it, you will have joined an elite investor...

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Savings Crafts For Pinterest

How to Get Savings Crafty With Your BFFF

Your BFFF of 401k savings here (go figure that the company with three OOOs would throw an extra F in the BFF). Okay. Full disclosure: I’m probably doing this in the reverse order of what I should … but you...

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don't settle default investment option

Soar Strong Like Queen B: To The Left Default Investment!

Welcome to another episode of Retirement Jargon Sampler. Wicka wicka whaaaaah!? Allow me to drop a beat while we break down the complicated world of 401k management. (If you missed the blooom team’s first track, the beautiful echoes of a...

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