3 Reasons to Invest Now

During my first professional job at San Diego State University, I went to a meeting sponsored by the human resources department explaining the 403(b) retirement plan. It’s like a 401(k), except designed for educational institutions. The speaker explained that I...

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Blooom’s Year-End Financial Planning Checklist (Updated For 2019)

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your financial goals, the progress you’ve made, and plan ahead for the upcoming year. Read our financial planning checklist below for things you may want to consider: 1....

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I am Thankful for Staying the Course!

As the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us and we prepare for the awkward discussions around the dinner table, we thought it was a good time to reflect upon what we should be thankful for regarding our retirement savings. At a...

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What is a Bond?

What is a Bond, and How Does it Work? Bonds are a type of debt issued by a company or government to raise money from investors. You’ve likely heard the word before in the context of pretty much any investing...

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What is a Stock?

What is Stock?

In short, stock is ownership of a company. For any investor, the term stock should be a familiar one. You know you have them, or probably should have them to some extent, but what does owning a stock, or several...

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