The Single Most Important Piece of Financial Advice

There is no shortage of advice on this topic. A quick google search on “ financial advice ” reveals roughly 65 million hits on the topic. I intend to share the one piece of financial advice that - if followed...

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3 Lessons Your Ruined March Madness Bracket Can Teach You About Investing

And so it begins…the one month of the year where a single college basketball tournament costs employers a collective $1.2 Billion for every hour of lost productivity. And it’s fantastic! At blooom, we’re big believers that we can find investing...

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You Can Catch-Up to Get Back on the Retirement Track

This article from 2016 has been updated with information for 2018 The more you can save in your 401k while you’re working the better off you’ll be building your retirement nest egg. I believe I can take off my Captain...

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Retirement or Student Loans?

Drowning in Student Loan Debt!

One of the frequently asked questions we get from our blooom clients is - "I am still paying on my student loans, how much should I contribute to my 401k, if anything?” Unfortunately, student loan debts are hindering retirement savings...

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Keep It Simple

The biggest trick in all of finance: simple is often the most sophisticated thing you can do. It is counter intuitive, but we as humans are trained to believe that the more we pay for something the better it must...

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