What is a Stock?

What is Stock?

In short, stock is ownership of a company. For any investor, the term stock should be a familiar one. You know you have them, or probably should have them to some extent, but what does owning a stock, or several...

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What is a 401k?

“Why aren’t you signed up for the company’s 401k?” “Oh, I’d never be able to run that far…”   Not bad as far as finance jokes go. But kidding aside, what exactly is a 401k and why on Earth is...

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2020 Elections, The Stock Market, & Your Retirement Savings: Shining A Light on What Scares Us Most

Unless you have sequestered yourself from all forms of media, it has been hard to escape the rampant hyperbole surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election.  Crazy to think we are still over a year away from it! If you are like...

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3 Ways to Generate Passive Income

When it comes to building wealth, you can only do much through saving. Don't get me wrong – saving money is important. But it's only the start. You want to make sure you've cut out all the frivolous spending. You'll...

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3 Ways to Save for Retirement Without an Employee-Sponsored 401k

Retirement advice always starts out like this: “Put 15% of your gross pay in your 401(k) -- and be sure to get that company match!”  Okay, sure. I mean, not everyone has an employer-sponsored 401(k), but thanks for the tip?...

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